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Baltic Grassland Beef (BGB)

In a collaboration with Swiss company Vianco AG and two slaughterhouses in Baltics, our company purchases qualitative fattened young cattle (12 to 24 months old) for slaughtering, exporting the best pieces to Switzerland and selling them in the COOP stores. We procure up to two years-old cattle (around 500-580 kg live weight); before purchasing, we always inspect and assess animals, informing you about the price of animals according to weight after slaughtering. The highest price offers are for fattened heifers and steers (castrated bulls).

To enjoy meet with clean conscience, Baltic Grassland-Beef farms work in line with the principles of ecologic, cost-efficient, and sustainable farming. The project is based on a rational and prudent treatment of natural resources and environment. Our priority is animal wellbeing and high-quality meet.

In case you are interested, please get in touch with out sales agents. Website of project Baltic Grassland-Beef: