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Swiss Grassland Genetics (SGG)

In cooperation with Swiss companies Swissgenetics AG and Vianco AG as well as AI companies in Baltics, we have selected and picked both dairy and beef bulls with genetic pool suitable for breading in the grassland system. We offer to procure biological material of such bulls from Switzerland as well as proper breeding bulls from Switzerland.

Brand “Swiss Grassland Genetics” is based on an idea to use the available production resources in a sustainable way – a topic that is getting more and more traction. Cattle breeding with roughage fodder is not only the most ecological but also most suitable solution for healthy animals and cost-efficient farming. Since dairy prices are on the low side, it is of paramount importance to reduce production costs. This can be achieved with strong, healthy and well-developed animals – this is possible by selecting the Swiss genetic material as a result of which animals can efficiently consume coarse fodder, thus reducing the costs for food additives.

Swiss genetics – suitable not only in Swiss Alps but also in the Baltic grasslands. More information: