Quality beef production from mother cow husbandry in the Baltic States


Meat from the Baltic Grassland-Beef Project respects ecological, economic and sustainable development. The rational and considerate treatment of natural resources and the environment is the declared aim of the project. Animal welfare combined with outstanding meat quality is first and foremost.

Philosophy of Baltic Grassland-Beef

  • Basis: natural feed
  • Roughage feed: grass, hay and silage
  • Calves: milk from mothers
  • No additional feeding of milk
  • No genetic modified organisms (GMO)
  • No chemical-synthetic performance additives
  • No feed-urea
  • No animal based protein or fat
  • No imported soy

Our Promise

  • Animal-friendly cattle farming as close as possible to nature on the lush green meadows of the Baltic
  • High quality guidelines according to Swiss standards
  • Sustained grazing during vegetation periods
  • Grass and hay-based feeding of the animals
  • Avoidance of soya as animal feed stuff
  • Tasty meat thanks to natural growth of the animals
  • Best meat quality guaranteed exclusively through heifers and oxen
  • Optimum meat marbleization through selected beef cattle breeds
  • Top quality and traceability on the farms and in transport
  • Controlled slaughtering in the Baltic’s most modern facilities