Quality beef production from mother cow husbandry in the Baltic States


For the production of BGB breeds are to be used which are adapted to the climate, roughage feed and a low input mother cow husbandry. The choice of the breed depends on the intensity of farming and the quality of the feed provided on each farm.

For the mothers of BGB animals the following recommendations can be made:

Easy calving and a good milk yield have a high priority on the cow’s side. Based on this the breeds Angus, Aubrac, Brown (Swiss meat type), Charolais, Hereford, Limousin, Salers, Simmental, and Tyrol Grey and their crossings are suitable.

The choice of the breed of the Sire depends strongly on the intensity of the farm. A high priority has to be given to the muscularity of the Sires. BGB animals have to descend from a pure beef cattle breed sire which is recognized by an official beef cattle herd-book.

The mothers of BGB animals have to be minimum a F1-beef cattle cross breed.

Final production: The pedigree of the BGB animals and their mothers is registered at the country’s responsible organization (EBBA, ABC projekts, or LMGAGA).

Animals bred by embryo transfer and animals descending from Belgian Blue Bulls are not eligible for BGB. Such animals cannot be marketed as BGB.