Quality beef production from mother cow husbandry in the Baltic States

Suckler Cow Husbandry

Baltic Grassland-Beef stands for quality meat from about 20-month old heifers and oxen from suckler cows.
Beef cattle breeds guarantee excellent meat quality.

Baltic Grassland-Beef is characterized by comprehensive husbandry and feeding regulations in the sense of animal-friendly cattle farming as close as possible to nature. The calves stay in the cowshed or on the meadow together with their mothers. Free-range husbandry with summer pastures and winter runs is a prerequisite. The animals make extensive use of meadows and pastureland. The feed consists mainly of mother’s milk, complemented later by grass and hay. After weaning at 8-10 months free-range barns are compulsory. During the vegetation period the animals can go further on the pasture. The use of growth-stimulating additives, animal proteins or fats, and genetically modified feedstuffs is prohibited.